At a glance

  • For groups of two, please add $30 per person, per day.
  • Single travelers, please add $40 per day.

You cannot visit Bhutan without purchasing a pre-arranged package; however, you can travel on your own with a completely private vehicle and guide (meaning you don’t have to be part of a formal group). And when you’re on your private tour, whether in your private vehicle or on your private hiking tour, you can enjoy flexibility and independence.

The government of Bhutan has set fixed fees for tourists, aligned with its “High Value, Low Impact” ideals. It is important to understand the philosophy behind the mandatory minimum; this developing country with a low GDP generates as much money as possible from tourism without the environmental or cultural impact that tourism often causes.

In the off-season (June, July, August, December, January, and February) it costs a minimum of $200 USD per person, per day; during the rest of the year (March, April, May, September, October, and November) it costs $250 USD per person, per day for groups of three or more.

There may also be an additional charge for a group of fewer than three people (since you still get your own personal vehicle, driver, and guide). For groups of two, it costs $280 USD per person ($230 in off-season), per day; a solo traveler is $290 USD per day during high season and $240 USD in off-season. You will also be responsible for your visa ($40 USD) and your flight into and out of Bhutan.

Remember that this is ALL-inclusive: this fee includes 3-star hotel accommodations, a private guide, a private driver, entrance fees to sites, and all meals (including tea and coffee). While it’s more than you would spend on an independent trip to nearby India or Nepal, it’s completely on par with other guided tours around the world when you factor in everything it includes.

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